Addicted to Colour

Addiction. The word feels heavy, which it is. It’s associated with all things negative, all things that spiral, all things that cause heartbreak and pain. But for an artist, is being addicted to colour a negative? Because isn’t addiction also another term for passion? Something that encroaches your soul, something that you live, breathe, dream about, and the thing that gets you out of bed.

For me, colour runs real deep into my soul. I think it comes from living my life through feeling up and feeling down. When I feel down my world loses its colour. Which actually is one of the most painful things I experience, because I rely on colour to remind me that I’m alive. It’s my heart maybe then, I have rainbow blood? When life is flowing, when I’m present in my own current it’s like being on mushrooms. Saturation comes back, I notice all the small details that I wouldn’t have been able to before. Almost like I’m seeing for the first time, which is a true blessing - a ‘hit reset’ on gratitude.

I read something earlier that said ‘You are not entitled to tomorrow.’ I felt that so much. It’s so true. Which could be part of the reason why I am feeling colour today more than yesterday or the day before. Imagine today was the last day you got to see colour? Imagine being kinda far fetched because it’s the truth. We don’t know what our timeline has for us, all I know is that today is here, and the moment you just spent reading the above has been and gone.

So, how does my addiction to colour fold into my mixing palette? It’s no secret that colour walks hand in hand with emotion, for example blue being my happiest colour..although according to the colour emotion wheel happiness is yellow. I can see the reasons for this too. It’s chirpy, fresh, and makes me think of the sun and flowers. Blue represents calm, tranquility, trust. So, is this my favourite colour because these are the things I am constantly craving. Yes is the answer. So, my addiction to colour and using certain palettes for my pieces is a reflection of how I’m feeling, subconsciously too a lot of the time. As I type this I realise I’m maybe not addicted to colour, but more addicted to emotion. Being connected. Feeling. Learning. Loving, Growing. Being.

Regardless of what I’m addicted to (cigarettes included), I think it’s crucial to our existence to develop a relationship with colour - whatever that means to you. Some people are visually impaired, and they don’t have a choice. With that being said though, colour is still a conversation right? If you don’t see colour then you are described colour. Whenever someone has asked me ‘how would you describe purple to someone who is blind?’ I don’t know how to do that other than describe an emotion. And, that’s a real beautiful thing. The thought of us all being connected through colour.

So whether colour is constantly on your mind like mine, or you're new to the world of colour connection..maybe we can be colour addicts together?

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