Artists to Watch 2020

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

As we come to an end of a decade we naturally look forward onto what the next one will bring. Hoping for happiness, health, healing, recovery and inspiration. We've been hearing about 2020 for such a long time now - it seems all the big brands have their 2020 plan, with big goals, sales, reach and exciting new ways of working. Whilst obviously interesting to see where the world will be heading with our favourite organisations, I've been feeling more elevated thinking about where Artists will be next year - how their journey will unfold and what beautiful work they will produce.

Here is a list of my Artists to Watch in 2020:

I've been following for a few years now and we even speak quite frequently online despite the language barrier - thankfully Google Translate has made building our relationship much easier and more fluent. is based in Argentina and it shows - the use of colour is unreal. So vibrant, carefully thought out and enriching on the eye & brain. Their style brings modern urban street art and technical architectural drawings together in perfect balance.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:


I'm a massive fan girl of Eggy_coco (also known as Emily) who has a strong message of 'drawing away body shame'. It's been such a delightful journey to follow as Emily has not only progressed with her art but progressed with her own personal journey with her body & mental health. I absolutely love the colour palettes she uses, bringing in bright and soft tones into every day scenes where women's lumps, bumps and stretch marks are shown and glowing! Emily's captions are always so heartfelt and warm and really helps with that emotional connection to her work. Here are some of my favourite pieces:

Culture Colors

I recently discovered Culture Colors on Instagram and completely became obsessed with their artistic and elegant eye for colour. I'm a sucker for colour theory, palettes, colour charts and mood colouring. This is something that Culture Colors carries in their pieces - bringing your favourite (and very tasteful) music to life through a breakdown of colour. It feels like the perfect crossover of the arts where music meets all hex codes whilst pushing through the importance of this entwined culture and it's message to the world. Here are some of my favourite pieces:

Lewistopics I met Lewis at Sun and Bass, a really sick & beautiful Drum & Bass festival in Italy this Summer. Not only is Lewis a proper top guy with a heart of gold, he's also an i n c r e d i b l e Artist who challenges the way our brains perceive angles, textures and colour by bringing a trippy and playful soul to his pieces. I really love the detail of his work, even with the smaller scale pieces, you can see he spends time bending the rules to create a visual haven.

Here are some of my favourite pieces:


I'm always super excited to see any new works from Ananyapaints, her clear and supreme understanding of the use of colour is honestly bloody great. Each piece has it's own mood and style, as she creates different textures and layering for them. Not only is Ananya a gorgeous Artist, she's a Post-Concussion Syndrome Survivor! Such a strong and inspirational woman who is showing the world what the left side of our brain is really capable of. Here are some of my favourite pieces:

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