I'm annoyingly anxious and care way too much about what people think of me. Or at least I did more so, before I took some time to myself to find out what actually makes me happy. When I was away I started being proactive with attending meditation and yoga classes which really helped me just take a damn moment to stop and breathe. I am addicted to being hectic, with always having too much on my already full (and carb loaded) plate. So, taking time to stop and break it down has been so important for me in terms of putting things in perspective.

It seems we run into the same triggers throughout our life, almost a nudge from this higher vibration that is saying 'I'm gonna keep coming for you until you realise you need to move.' And, although it can be hard to make moves if we are in a constant loop of the same old shit like social media, routine, arguments, location and seeing the same faces. But, movement is necessary for growth and finding actual peace within.

Now, as someone with anxiety it almost seems insulting to say 'stop pranging' as if we aren't constantly trying to do that. I don't mean to offend anyone by being so blunt about it.What I'm trying to unveil is that so much comes from being comfortable, confident and happy with the decisions you're making. If you give yourself complete trust and see yourself as worthy then why does it matter what anyone else thinks? A lot of the time peoples judgement comes from their own inner demons that they're not ready or able to work through, which is why they have so much to say when you do something that works for you but not them.

I've spent most of teens and twenties coping with suicidal thoughts and it's shit. There are many things they stem from, but a lot of the time a huge part of those are my inner bully prang that's somehow collected data from every conversation and experience in my life. 'You're not good enough', ' no one likes you', 'you can't draw', 'you're gross'. Rah rah rah you get the mode. What I'm saying is all that self hate can do one, we haven't got time for this in our lives.

We need to be living.

So naturally, the bottom line, the only line. Our life line.

Time has already flown by in ways I can't think about too much, so do we really want to live the rest of our precious time not being ourselves? Once we start to not focus on the doubts that are reflective of what others don't approve of, we start to find freedom and peace. We start living.

Here are some things you can include in your practice to help with the prang, including this affirmation:

The prang no longer serves me.





Meditate. It may not be for you, but if you haven't tried it then I would suggest going to a class where someone can guide you through.

Yoga. Another form of meditation but with physical benefits too.

Create. You don't have to be a 'creative' to create. It comes in cooking form, organising, dancing, and all the rest. Whatever it is, we need to express! Creating something is rewarding and shows you what you're capable of - always a positive thing!

Communicate. To yourself by opening up that dialog. We can't really do much about being us, so the sooner we learn to treat ourselves like any other important relationship the sooner we open up more opportunity for happiness and less time for holding back.

Incense. Basically this helps with everything ever. I burn incense throughout every day because it instantly makes me feel calm and collected. Try this next time you're not in such a good place with worrying about all aspects of life.

Oils. Similar to the above, aromatherapy is real and it's crucial. I keep a pot of solid amber in my bag because the smell brings me back down to earth whenever I start freaking out about stuff.

Hype yourself up. I always put on a big tune to get me hyped up for the day. I always start in bed then pretty swiftly go on to jumping out of bed and dancing like I'm apparently one of J-lo's back up dancers.

Keep it true. I apply this to every single moment possible because it keeps me from feeling more insane. If you stay true to you then you know in your heart you have nothing to worry about. We are all going to be different in how we live but if we stay true to our morals, values and what keeps us stable then it removes a ton of anxiety and starts building healthy connections in your mind.

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